Dedicated by the Monks of PULLAHARI MONASTERY

It is advisable to dedicate Chang Chog pujas on the 4th and 7th week after death or on every 7th day within the 49 days.

The names of deceased will be added to our list for dedication at the Grand Chang Chok Puja conducted annually in the first Tibetan lunar month by the full monastic sangha.

The pujas and Monlam begin with the Confession Prayer to the 35 Buddhas and the Guru Yoga of the 8th Karmapa, Mikyo Dorje. The name of the deceased will be included in the list for the Grand Chang Chog dedications by all the monks in the Tibetan First Lunar month each year.

Request for Dedications to the Deceased
Email pullahari@jamgonkongtrul.org to enquire and arrange the prayers and pujas for the deceased.


I wish to sponsor the following puja(s) and prayer(s):

Daily Amitabha Monlam

3 mths


6 mths


1 year


The Amitabha Monlam or The Aspiration Prayer of Rebirth in Dewachen composed by the learned and accomplished Karma Chagmey Raga Asey is extremely sacred and full of blessings. The blessings and virtue purify past misdeeds and enormous merit is gathered. Dedicated to the deceased, the connection to Buddha Amitabha and rebirth in the Pure Realm of Sukhavati in the next or a future life is formed.

Dedication by all sangha:

Khorwa Dong Drug
(Tib: khor ba dong nas sprugs pa) Chang Chog


Included: 108 lamps; Torma offering; One-session Special Tea-offering; Offering to Individual Monks and Donation to Monastery

This is the Chang Chog puja of the youthful Chenrezig, an aspect of the thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara, the essence of which is supreme loving-kindness and compassion. The mind-stream of the deceased is purified and worldly suffering is cleared away. Through this and the power of merits gathered, the consciousness is liberated to a good and higher state of rebirth.

Half-Day Chang Chog
Amitabha, Vajrasattva, Mitrukpa etc.


Included: 108 lamps; Torma & Tsok offerings; one-session Special Tea-offering, Offering to Individual Monks and Donation to Monastery

Full-Day Chang Chog Pujas
Amitabha, Vajrasattva, Mitrukpa etc.


Shitro (Hundred Deities Puja) Chang Chog Puja


Included: 500 lamps; Torma & Tsok offerings; Full-day Tea-offering; Sangha Lunch and Dinner offering; Offering to Individual Monks and Donation to Monastery.

Additional Offerings

Butter Lamps Offering   Quantity
     Butter Lamps (small) US$ 1 each
     Butter Lamps (Stupa Temple) US$ 10 each
Tea Offering  
      Regular (US$ 30)    Special (including bread) (US$ 50)


Sponsor's Information

Postal Address


Recipient's Information

Deceased's Name(s) Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy) Date of Death (dd/mm/yy)


Payment Details

Cheques or transfer payable to: Ananda Sangh

Puja(s)   Amount
     Daily Amitabha Monlam - 3mths US$
     Daily Amitabha Monlam - 6mths US$
     Daily Amitabha Monlam - 1year US$
     Khorwa Dong Drug Chang Chog US$
     Half-Day Grand Chang Chog Puja -
     Amitabha, Vajrasattva, Mitrukpa etc.
     Full-Day Chang Chog Pujas -
     Amitabha, Vajrasattva, Mitrukpa etc.
     Shitro (Hundred Deities Puja) Chang Chog Puja US$
Additional Offering(s)  
     Butter Lamps (small) US$
     Butter Lamps (Stupa Temple) US$
     Regular Tea Offering US$30
     Special Tea Offering US$50
Total   US$
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