Pujas and Prayers for the Deceased

Dedicated by the monks of His Eminence Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche

It is deeply beneficial to dedicate pujas and prayers for the deceased within 49 days of their passing away as this period is critical in the deceased’s journey to the next life. Chang Chog pujas are the most effective way to benefit the deceased even if a thousand years have elapsed since death. It is taught in the tantras that the dedication of a Chang Chog puja to one to has already attained enlightenment will enhance the being’s enlightened activities.

The Chang Chog puja is a particular ritual to free the deceased from the bondage of past misdeeds and liberate the consciousness to attain enlightenment, the pure realm, or a higher state of rebirth. This is accomplished through the ritual master’s samadhi and loving-kindness and compassion, the blessings of the enlightened being or wisdom deity invoked, and the vast merits that are gathered and dedicated to the deceased. Through the combined results of the mind that is freed from suffering and the force of merits dedicated, the deceased will accomplish rebirth in a precious human body or in a pure realm or even supreme enlightenment.

In order to enhance the merits to be gathered and dedicated to the deceased, a half-day or full-day grand Chang Chog with abundant offerings to the enlightened beings and wisdom deities, and generous offerings of meals and donations to the sangha can be arranged. There are Chang Chog pujas of various enlightened beings and deities, e.g. Amitabha Chang Chog, Vajrasattva Chang Chog, A Hundred Deities Chang Chog etc. Sponsors may email pullahari@jamgonkongtrul.org to enquire about the appropriate Chang Chog to be done.


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