Dharma Projects

Give to our DHARMA PROJECTS aimed at preserving and propagating the Buddhadharma for temporal benefit of beings and ultimate realisation of supreme enlightenment.

Donations to our monasteries and retreat centres provide the monks with meals, clothing, medical care and education, and help to maintain the temples and grounds. The cost to support a monk is US$30 per month or US$360 per year.

We also have 3 special funds for Kagyu Tekchen Ling Monastery (India) and Pullahari Monastery (Nepal):

The Medical Fund to support hospitalisations, surgeries and specialist treatments,

The Rice Fund to support the provision of rice and other major staple foods.

The Education Fund to support the salaries of the teachers.

Donations to Rigpe Dorje Publications support the full range of activities involved in publishing. The main works are those of the Rigpe Dorje Study Series and the Rigpe Dorje Practice Series aimed at preserving and propagating both branches of training in insight through study and practice.

Construction of New Student Residential Halls at Lava Kagyu Tekchen Ling. The project implemented in 2012 begun as scheduled on October 19, 2012. The estimated funds required have been met and a review of the work-in-progress and the budget will be conducted in mid-April, 2013 and additional funding if needed will be determined then.


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