2015 Rigpe Dorje Meditation Programme

March 16th – March 27th

Attendance of all Teachings and practice sessions is required.



The Practice of GREEN TARA

Based on the sadhana, "The Profound Essence of Tara" by Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye

The programme will be structured with the focus the meditation.

A Description of the Accomplishments of the Exalted Tara

A leader in guiding all beings on the path of liberation, TARA is therefore referred to as The Exalted. Her body, speech and mind being peaceful and gentle and completely unstained by non-virtue, TARA is therefore known as The Revered Mother. Not abiding in either extreme of conditioned existence or in mere pacification, and moreover being the mother who by means of the three vehicles has attained the paths of seeing, meditation and no more learning, TARA is therefore called The Noble Mother. With love that protects all sentient beings from all suffering and fears and because she liberates those who turn to her, TARA is therefore called The Liberator. As the embodiment of all the Victors’ activities, and due to her manifesting twenty-one bodies to tame beings in whatever way is appropriate, TARA is therefore known as The Twenty-one Taras. Performing these four activities in a manner swifter that lightning – completely pacifying all suffering, spreading the attainments of longevity and well-being, having the power to magnetize and subdue the universe and beings through her dignified presence and completely subjugating all corrupting influences and demonic negative forces through her wrath, she thus provides unobstructed protection – TARA is therefore called The Swift Heroine.

White Tara is renowned mainly for her pacifying activity, Yellow Tara mainly for her enriching activity, Red Tara mainly for her subjugating and Blue Tara mainly for her wrathful activity. But Green Tara is the most renown by fully accomplishing all four of these enlightened activities as signified in her beautiful green complexion which includes all four colours (white, yellow, red, blue) within it. It is therefore the sadhana with its offering, praise, generation and recitation that has been and continues to be by far the most widespread of the Tara practices.

Tara, supreme among special deities, is able to grant whatever might be needed without hindrance. So those who enthusiastically practice her sadhana, and who do so with a complete and unmistaken knowledge of the skillful means to be applied, will be freed from all fears regarding imminent and ultimate dangers and will accomplish well-being as well as prosperity. That this supreme deity has made the commitment to bring about explicitly desired results as her top priority has been amply documented in the life stories of bygone yogins.

Guru Rinpoche, referring to the limitless tantras of Tara as taught by the Buddhas, stated that they should be practiced in a manner involving four connections: the tantra should be connected with a sadhana; the sadhana should be connected with a compilation; the compilation should be connected with practical guidance; and the practical guidance should be connected with the pith instructions of the lineage masters.

The Tara sadhana taught by Guru Rinpoche is a treasure revealed by Chogyur Lingpa. It was the treasure master Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye who compiled the sadhana called The Profound Essence of Tara, a practice ornamented by the practical guidance and instruction of the lineage masters.