Rigpe Dorje Institute

Pullahari Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal

"Throughout the ages, practitioners of the Dharma have engaged in meditation and study, both of which are necessary to attain the ultimate fulfillment of enlightenment. Buddhism, like all other religious paths, aims to help us find true peace and happiness. Many who search for real happiness cannot find it in material gain or ownership. Real unchanging peace and happiness exist within ourselves and can only be realised through subtle intellectual enquiry and meditation. To provide the opportunity for people today, I have decided to build a place for study and meditation."

The Third Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche, 1988


The Lord Protector, the Third Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche explained that his principal intention in establishing the Rigpe Dorje Institute for International Buddhist Studies was to ensure that those with faith were accurately guided in accord with the Dharma. Located in the sacred and quiet serenity of Pullahari, the Institute is open throughout most of the year to Buddhists wishing to engage in study and retreat. Arrangements can be made for devotees to consult the Lamas and Teachers in residence.

The Institute conducts two programmes annually open to international students. The two-month Rigpe Dorje Philosophy Programme is designed to guide students to gain a clear understanding of the Sutrayana and Mantrayana view. The ten-day Rigpe Dorje Meditation programme is aimed at guiding students in the practice of meditation from the foundation of Shamatha through the progressive stages of Vipashyana, and finally the meditation on Mahamudra.

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